La critique la plus rigolote

Un peu de contexte : AddThis est une extension WordPress pour faciliter le partage sur les réseau sociaux.
La nouvelle version est boursouflée, non-intuitive, utilise un site externe pour la configuration et j’en passe.

Dear Addthis,

Thank you for all the good times, but for whatever reason, you’ve changed so much I don’t even recognize you anymore..

You used to be so considerate and compromising… yet now you’ve compromised our marriage by focusing so much on monetary gains… you’ve gained so much weight that cohabitation has become too unbearable.

I’ve already moved on and found a new partner in Simple Share Buttons Adder… unlike you, it is slim, simple, undemanding, and unobtrusive.

You may keep the goldfish.

Long-time partner, but now i want a divorce!